I’m Alp. I am a computer science and psychology student in Munich.

I have many open questions on this website, you can send me an email if you have answers or simply want to discuss.


Email: hi@alpkaanaksu.com

Find me somewhere else

GitHub: @alpkaanaksu

I decided to change my personal website to one where I have a lot of text (ideally with some structure!) because I like websites, where I can just look around and read, maybe even learn some random things about a stranger. It feels like talking to the owners of those websites.

Everything on this website is subject to change. I might change my mind because:

  1. I learned more about something
  2. I forgot something (which I knew before)
  3. The idea/thought was in my mind for too long and it starts to change
  4. I was simply wrong

What do I mean when I...